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Royalty Tracking System (RTS) is a high performance and cost effective application that allows the tracking, reporting, calculation and payment of royalties to trademarks, patent and/or intellectual property holder or their agents in any business. 

The goal of this document is to give the basic understanding of using SITech's Royalty Tracking System, on example of Publishing Royalty Tracking System (PRTS) created for EBSCO Publishing (U.S.A.).

Calculating Royalties

Information Providers give their Content, which is distributed by Publisher through Distribution Channels as a part of Products. These Products earn some Revenue, and Royalties should be paid to Information Providers for their Content on Products. Royalty Payments are generated on regular basis. By the end of a particular period Publisher uploads all necessary inputs into PRTS database, runs Data Diagnostic to validate data, and, finally, runs Royalty Calculator. Calculations are based on a predetermined set of payment algorithms, taking into account total product content elements and payment strategy. After all, Royalty Payments are either committed, to close fiscal quarter, or rolled back to correct inputs and recalculated. Both current and committed Royalties are stored in PRTS

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