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A primary process of the PRTS is to monitor the inclusion of Collections on Products and calculate royalty payments for each Information Provider of the collection. The process is as follows:

 Add Information Providers and Collections either manually, or using "Import IPs and Collections" interface. Details for each IP should be defined, including address and contact information. Collection's properties should be specified as well (Subscription Price, Flat Rate, Settlement Rule, etc.).

 Add Product Groups and Products either manually, or using "Import Groups and Products" interface, set product's properties (Subscription Price, etc.).

 Import Product's Revenue using "Import Revenue" interfaces. Revenue information is taken from the accounting system, which should reflect revenues generated for each individual Product Code.

 Import the usage statistics for each Collection / Product pair as trapped and logged by usage tracking systems such as TAURIS. You can import statistics either manually, or using "Import Content" interfaces.

 For each Information Provider, Collection, Product, and Collection / Product pair, assign appropriate royalty rules and payments for each level of product definition. Information Providers can have royalties assigned by IP, Collection, or Product.

 Run "Data Diagnostic" procedure to check all necessary data available to calculate Royalty Payments.

 Run "Royalty Calculator" to calculate Royalties.

 Import Royalties generated outside PRTS.

 Run “Check Limits” to apply constraints on minimal and maximal royalty amounts.

 Review Checks Scheduler. Run "Analyze Checks" reports.

 Generate Checks to request. Export Checks spreadsheet for Accounting department.

 Import recent Checks data received from Accounting.

 Finally, commit Royalty Payments using "Commit Quarter" interface, which accepts royalty payments as calculated.

 If necessary, roll back the values for the quarter and make adjustments to royalty definitions.

 View historical reports for royalty payments by a number of criteria, including Information Providers, Collections, and Products.

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