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Client Overview

PRTS Client is a Windows application that works under Windows 95, 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and is supposed to work under further releases of Microsoft 32-bit Windows operating systems. Functionally, PRTS Client consists of three major modules: PRTS Viewer, PRTS Manager and PRTS Administrator.

PRTS Viewer
The main purpose of Viewer module is to serve personnel assigned to answer questions originating from information providers, such as What products our publication X presents on?, What royalty payments were made for this publication being on this product for the period from to ?, For this publication in general for the period from to ?, For all our publications we gave you rights on for the period from to ?. This is a totally "read-only" module.

PRTS Manager
PRTS Manager is the main module of PRTS Client. Its functionality allows controlling almost every aspect of Royalty process including acquiring data from external sources, data manipulation, data diagnostics, royalty payments calculator runs, etc. except security management.

PRTS Administrator
PRTS Administrator module bears all the functionality of PRTS Manager module and provides additional tools for managing PRTS security and connection information. PRTS Security Model includes two tiers: application and database. The PRTS Administrator controls both aspects of Security Model: application users information (via User Manager module) and server connection information (via Internal Login module).

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