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Testing is an essential part of any Software Development process. 

SITech has a special department entirely devoted to Testing & Quality Assurance of all in-house, and externally created software products. Our software testing approach involves planning and monitoring the software testing efforts at the various life cycle phases or testing levels. We perform the following testing procedures:

Functional testing
includes program system checking for correct functioning in accordance with the customer's requirements and given standards. It also includes:

     Installation/Deinstallation testing

     Licensing testing. Some software products require a multistage licensing procedure. The QA laboratory performs software testing for the possibility to use the application without licensing, as well as testing of the testing procedure itself as designed

     Software testing for stability to incorrect input data

Regression testing
includes testing of the system components, which were updated in another iteration (phase) of debugging, as well as the system capacity for work as a whole.
Testing for the software tolerance
to incorrect data input
Graphic user interface testing
includes evaluation of the user interface behavior in different operating system settings, and possible impacts caused by program applications capable of affecting data displaying
Platform testing
includes testing a product under all of the target platforms
Software performance and capacity testing
Stress testing
for the software behavior in stressful situations

We have extensive experience of using different automation tools such as PVCS, SILK, and Rational in both automated testing and software configuration management.

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