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Wireless Games

SiTech’s team of 5 professionals is involved in Wireless Games development in partnership with US designers and publishers since 2002. The main development platforms: J2ME and Brew. Further games for mobile phones developed on Java platform may be migrated to Brew and vice versa.

Wireless Games are currently being developed for high-end models as follows:

     Motorola T720

     LGE VX4400

     Samsung SCH-A530

SiTech developers have been working to continuously extend the list of supported devices. To date, we developed a number of multi-player games. Several of them have passed already Qualcomm certification and are being prepared for publishing and sales. Among our developments there are board games, strategic games, and arcades.

 Technology: Brew, J2ME

 Main development environment: MSM Visual Studio 6.0, SUN Fort JDeveloper 3.0

 Business Logic Level: JSP

 Database (DBMS): Interbase

 Term of development: 1-2 months per game

Titles available: Checkers, Cube, Reversi, Spades

Distribution is planned through existing contracted sales channels. We are also looking for new distribution partners interested in allocating contracts for development of mobile games.

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