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  10/11/2004 SiTech was listed as one of the top Russian IT companies by The Russia Journal (“Russia to go the Indian outsourcing route?” article by Christopher Kenneth, July 24, 2003).

  /10/2004 New version of the NetSchool solution is ready to launch. NetSchool 3.0 is a Web portal supporting Russian high school academic process and forming an integrated informational and educational environment.

  /10/2004 New Wireless Games are currently developed for high-end models like Nokia Series 40 and 60, Motorola, Siemens, Samsung on BREW 1.0 and 2.0 as well as J2ME platform. 10 titles are now available: Qube, Checkers, Reversi, Backgammon, Spades, Euchre, Mean Girls™ Wannabee, Snake, BuckShot, Sniper

  29/09/2004 SiTech included into the Russian Offshore Software Development Industry Survey prepared by Outsourcing-Russia.com - the leading resource for companies considering the outsourcing of software development to Russia

  9-12/06/2004 SiTech participated in the fourth Russian Outsourcing and Software Summit in St.Petersburg summoning representatives of the most successful Russian IT-companies and organized by the Fort Ross Consortium

  10/15/2003 SiTech's three new commercial game titles were certified by Qualcomm and presented for purchasing on AllTel, a US cellphone company primarily based in the Midwest. Another series of mobile games on Brew platform is being developed. The games are going to be published with other providers as well.
Qube Unplugged, Checkers Unplugged and Reversi Unplugged are launched on AllTel.


  SITech’s management team is going to participate in the third Software Outsourcing Summit in Zelenogorsk near St. Petersburg on June 25-27th 2003. Meetings at the Summit regarding potential co-operation or partnerships can be scheduled in advance. Please contact Mr. Andrei Teterevenkov.

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  SITech’s management team visited Germany for business negotiations with potential partners on March 19-23rd 2003.

  SITech presented a report at the Russian-German ICT Symposium in the frame of the InfoCom 2002 in Moscow on October 22-23rd.

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  SITech’s management team visited Munich to negotiate with potential partners on October 7-13th 2002.

  SITech presented a report at the BITKOM membership workshop on Global Sourcing in Bad Homburg (Germany) on June 25th 2002.

  Report (German)  (PDF 464Kb)

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